New York Workers' Compensation Claim Denial Lawyers

You Have Recourse If Your Claim Is Denied

If you have received notice that your claim has been denied by the Workers' Compensation Board or by your employer's insurance company we can help you contest the denial. Our lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience in workers' compensation. We know the typical excuses given for denial of claims and how to get around them. Some of the reasons given for denial are:

  • Pre-existing condition: The insurance company will claim that your injury is pre-existing, therefore it cannot be claimed. (If a previous injury has been exacerbated by your current work, your claim should not be denied.)
  • Independent contractor: Your employer may say that you aren't a direct employee of the company but instead are working as an independent contractor.
  • Not carrying out your duties correctly: Your employer may try to show that you were doing your job incorrectly or that your own behavior caused your injury.
  • On lunch or on break: Your employer may claim your injury occurred while you were taking lunch or a break and therefore technically "off the clock."
  • Side trip: If your injury occurred outside the workplace while you were driving a company-owned vehicle or you were on a company trip or errand, your employer may try to show that you were conducting personal business on company time.
  • Lack of written notification: Your employer may claim that you never notified the company in writing or that it was received after the 30-day deadline.

All of these can be contested. We will gather the necessary evidence to prove your case and help you receive the full benefits you are entitled to. We work with you from the time you receive your denial letter through the trial, fighting to bring your case to a positive conclusion.

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Staten Island, NY, Rejected Workers' Comp Claims Attorneys

Whether your claim is denied or you receive an award that you don't feel properly compensates you, we will handle your appeal to the Workers' Compensation Board. We handle workers' compensation appeals on a regular basis and will take them as far as the court system if required.

We encourage you to come to us following your accident or when you're submitting your claim so we can be there for you from the very beginning, making it much more likely that you will be awarded the full amount of benefits you are eligible for under the law.

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