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You work hard for your employer, your family and yourself. If you were injured on the job or ended up with an occupational injury because of the demands of your job, you should be compensated.

Applying for New York's workers' compensation benefits can be very confusing. The slightest mistake can result in denied benefits. At Caruso, Spillane, Leighton, Contrastano, Savino & Smollar, P.C., we are committed to guiding you through the application process to help you secure the benefits you are entitled.

Working With Clients on a First-Name Basis for Decades

In the 1950s, our law firm was established to help injured workers secure a full financial recovery to get back on their feet. Our Brooklyn workers' compensation attorneys currently have more than 100 years of experience. When you work with us, you will be on a first-name basis with us. Our firm doesn't use case numbers on our files — are more than a number to us. We will know who you are, how you've been hurt and we will pick up the phone when you call. You will speak with one of our lawyers who will answer your questions, address your concerns and advocate for you to get the best possible settlement.

Contact our Brooklyn workers' compensation lawyers online or call 800-673-4517 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our friendly staff speaks Spanish, Polish and Russian.

Staten Island Workman's Comp Attorneys Working for You

Insurance companies may claim to have your best interests at heart, but they are really out to protect their bottom line. What they offer will never be as much as what we can do for you. We will fight for your rights as an injured worker and will make sure you are not taken advantage of. Our legal team is committed to helping you secure the compensation you are entitled to through New York's workers' compensation system and Social Security Disability benefits.

Contact Us — If We Don't Succeed, You Don't Pay

We take all cases on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid after obtaining compensation for you. We deliver compassionate, efficient, service-oriented work and we will make sure your best interests are protected. Call us at 800-673-4517 or send us an e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation.